Get a coffee,

Coffee to pause and reflect.

Our world is incredibly fast-paced, and we, as human beings, risk being absorbed by it. A coffee is what you need when you strive for looking at things from outside, for a break.
A coffee is the inspiration of that ahah! moment.

Coffee to engage in conversation.

While the cup seems so quick to swallow, traditional preparation includes grinding the coffee , assembly the moka machine, putting it on the stove, waiting and pouring into the cups. That’s why a coffee  could mean a number of different things: I want to spend time with you, I want to make something for you, I want to speak to you.
A coffee is a nice way to say “I care”.

Coffee to get energy.

Caffeine is a powerful way to get energised and a precious help to increase stamina. While seldom good things comes without effort, coffee is the precious companion to keep going the distance.
A coffee is the extra-mile gasoline.