Reaching out for open feedback is the only way to progress.

Research is entangled in the nature of every designer, engineer and architect, at the same time building and demonstrating the professional development and the leadership thinking.

My field of investigations are the interfaces point:
between design and computation, between physical and digital world.

Inside those domains in particular intelligent and sensible cities, with a particular interest to sharing economy dynamics, robotics and automatization of design processes, physical and digital user interfaces.


Fellow researcher “Data visualization of water foodprint”, Politecnico di Torino
Supporting DIATI dept (environmental engineering) in data visualization
Fellow researcher “S[m]2art”, Politecnico di Torino
Supporting DAD dept (design and architecture) in smart city strategy
Visiting lecturer, “Tactile Experience”, IED
Class of strategy and interactions in Interior Design program
Sep 2014
Tutor, “The dynamics of creativity for Sharing the City”, Alta Scuola Politecnica
International intensive class directed by Prof. Carlo Ratti and Prof. Agata Spaziante
Apr 2013
Lecturer, “Permanent, temporary, ephimeral”, Politecnico di Milano
Lecture “From prototyping to Open Source” in the class directed by Prof. Alessandra Zanelli 
Sep 2012
Fellow assistant, Workshop RPI+Politecnico di Torino
Criticize students’ work in the class directed by Prof. Lonn Combs and Prof. Marco Visconti
Fellow assistant, Technology Innovation Studio and Smart Cities Design Strategies
Lecture “Design tools” in the class directed by Prof. Roberto Pagani
2010 – 2011
Fellow assistant, Project Studio III Politecnico di Torino
Lecture “Rapid modeling and rendering techniques” in the class directed by Prof. Roberto Apostolo


Sep 2015
Hacking Eating Tracking, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Keynote “Eating in the city of tomorrow”
May 2015
2015 International Forum on Innovation-driven and Sustainable Development, Bohai University, Guangzhou, China
Distinguished speaker, “Sensing and Acting, responsive cities”
May 2015
Youth Economic Summit, Rome
Selected proposal: sharing economy dynamics applied to the healthcare system


Synchronic apporach for hyperlinked design (upcoming)
Pedrazzo M.M., Suraci N., in EDAR journal Contour, EPFL, Lausanne, 2016.
Raster to Vector: towards a live associative model (upcoming)
Pedrazzo M.M., Claudel M., Suraci N., in Pagani R., Chiesa G., (curated by)  “Urban Data”, Franco Angeli Editore, Mlano, 2016.
The social computer for Milano and Torino
Ambrosio P., Fazzini M., Pedrazzo M.M., Raimo A. (2013), in M.G. Comini Multidisciplinarity and Innovation, ASP projects 7, Milano, Polipress, pp 112-119


Household appliance interfaceable with a biometric monitoring system
US 20150282710 A1
Oven comprising a scanning system
Oven comprising a camera
Oven comprising weight sensors
US 20150305543 A1
A system for warming up and/or cooking food with microwaves detection
WO2015155638 A1
“User Interface for Motorized Wheel”
design patent
“Electrically Motorized Wheel (1) and (2)”
design patent
“Torque Arm”
design patent