Managing design / designing management

Hi, this is Marco Maria. I usually go with Pedro

I am designer and manager from Italy

As a manager, I set the strategy and culture to help teams deliver great products. As a designer, I frame complex business and interaction problems to nurture solutions that look easy.

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Recent work

I design strategies, products and services

I love juggling desirability, technological feasibility and business opportunity by probing solution via artifacts.

You can access older projects in a previous archive, available at this link


Who I am, what I think and write, and what they say about me

A picture of myself active listening a participant of the DLD panel in Singapore, few years ago. If you can't see, trust me you're not missing anything here.

In brief

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Recent press and articles

Value creation, by design

In a business world focused on value extraction, I believe this to be a positive-sum game, so I aim my work at making teams and businesses independent


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