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Keynote “Hacking, eating, tracking” , Harvard

My keynote introducing the topic of the “Hacking, eating, tracking” hackaton, organised in Harvard University. The main subject was how to apply technology (Internet of Things, robotics, and a good deal of design) to close the linear food supply chain into a loop.

At the time, I was working in CRA on the Future Food Distrisct of EXPO 2015 for COOP, that became a big success shortly after. This a couple of years prior way before Amazon cashless stores, built by a company with much deeper pockets, became reality.

I was young, it was my first keynote abroad and my first time in the US. Be patient with my public speaking skills, they improved over time.

Split view. On the left, myself pitching in front of my laptop. On the right, an in image of the soon-to-become-reality expo 2015 future food district