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  • 01 – Classic or romantic?

    01 – Classic or romantic?

    $1 invested in design saves $10 in development and yields $100 in return on investment from customers. If you want to work as a designer, you need to understand how a manager thinks, and if you want to be a good manager.

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  • 01 – Classico o romantico?

    01 – Classico o romantico?

    1 dollaro investito in design, risparmia 10 dollari in sviluppo e comporta 100 dollari di ritorno sull’investimento dai clienti. Se vuoi lavorare come designer devi capire come ragiona un manager, e se vuoi essere un bravo manager ti conviene sapere come ragiona un designer.

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  • 00 – Small things

    00 – Small things

    Those who do not take care of managing the small things should not concern themselves with the big ones. In organizations, big things always attract attention, but the small ones make the difference.

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  • 00 – Le piccole cose

    00 – Le piccole cose

    Chi non ha cura di gestire le piccole cose, non dovrebbe occuparsi di quelle grandi. Nelle organizzazioni, le cose grandi attirano sempre l’attenzione, ma quelle piccole fanno la differenza.

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