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Design therapy

An incremental approach to design your business and be independent in managing design

Why a design therapy?

Your business, your way (my nudge)

Despite the evidence, reorienting your business to become one of these business could be intimidating. Large transformational projects could be expensive and risky, and the giant consultancy companies which can deliver them are not always vested in your same interests. Plus, these companies may not feel like “your kind of people” and, chances are, they aren’t.

That’s why a progressive approach can help you assessing your business design potential for growth, before going for long-term commitments to hire or purchase design capacity.

What do we do?

Imagine new products and business models, re-org design processes, define strategies and actions to validate them,

Design therapy lets you kickstart your innovation process as professional, pay-per-session path, that will

  1. help you focusing your priorities and frame your company unique point of view;
  2. define the problems you want to solve for the people you want to serve;
  3. bring you and your direct reports on board to define the opportunity space;
  4. help you building quick prompts and prototypes of solutions;
  5. make a plan for validating the solutions and identify next steps.


Aside already public informations, I won’t discuss any of my current endeavors in the public sector, due to their very nature. If that is the reason of your interest, please email with an official request.