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Design therapy

Helping your business in leveraging design, to become independent in navigating complexity

Despite the evidences, reorienting your business to become design-driven could be intimidating. Large transformational projects sounds expensive and risky, and the large consultancy companies that delivers may not feel like “your kind of people” and, chances are, they aren’t.

That’s why a progressive approach can help you assessing your business design potential for growth, before committing long-term on hiring or purchasing design capacity.

This is a coffee shop menu, with different items on the list. As in business, so many options and still, we want our custom short lava-hot coffee, in a cold glass, with room-temp-milk foam...

Design therapy lets you kickstart a tailor-made innovation process, based on fast design-build-test cycles. A professional pay-per-session path is the ultimate rapid cycle: if I fail you, you will stop paying me.

We can, for example, imagine new products, prototype new business-models, structure your design processes.

  1. You: frame your company unique point of view and unfair advantage, to focus your priorities;
  2. Your challenge: frame the problem you want to solve for the people you want to serve with data (facts) and people (feeling);
  3. Your opportunities: co-design solutions and prioritise them;
  4. Your prooves: design & build quick prompts and prototypes to create momentum and probe the future;
  5. Your plans: upscale solutions with continuous validation, get ready to scale up design ops.

What’s there for you:

  • Get help to innovate your organization, products and business model, 1 step at the time
  • Harness the benefit of design before committing to hiring or purchasing design capacity
  • Get an expert eye on design briefs, a design contracts or a design deliverables
  • Support for as long as you see value in it, then I can handover to your team or larger org
  • First session free

What’s there for me:

  • I love when I can be of help
  • Get to know interesting challenges
  • If you find it helpful, after the second session I retain my hourly fee, like therapists do.

Design : Technology = Psychotherapy : Medicine

“technology is the answer, but what was the question?”
C. Price

caution: hot!

The current cap is at 3 clients total.

Aside already public informations, I won’t discuss any of my current endeavors in the public sector, due to their very nature. If that is the reason of your interest, please email with an official request.

If you are a student, a young professional, a non-profit or a public organization manager or executive, please visit the mentoring page instead.